Saturday, March 14, 2009

USB Rechargeable Batteries

Put your logo on usb batteries that save money, reduce toxic waste and can be used re-used hundreds of times.

The USB batteries from eco imprints are the ultimate inexpensive clean energy promotional item to power small devices at work, home, or on the go.

Eco Imprints enables you to add a small imprint on each battery, and at only about $5 per battery, they're a great deal compared to conventional disposables. They work like a conventional battery and recharge by pulling off the cap and inserting into an open USB port on your laptop, PC, games console, other appropriate electronic device.

Each year, 15 billion batteries are disposed of globally — the equivalent to line of batteries to the moon and back! Normal alkaline batteries are mostly disposed of in landfills, which create significant environmental issues and long-term healt concerns. As the casing corrudes toxic waste such as mercury, cadmium and lead are released into the eco-system, harming our soil and water and exposing these chemicals to future generations.

These USB batteries are tested for up to 500 charge cycles to guarantee optimum reusable performance for everyday devices and needs.