Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Connect The Dots Benefit Party This Friday!

With a battered economy, a diving stock market and the epic struggles of prominent businesses and financial institutions, philanthropic spending is down and non-profits are feeling the pinch.

But Connect the Dots, an inspiring non-profit that’s working to green other non-profits, refuses to let the precarious economy get them down. They’re throwing a party.

This Friday in San Francisco’s Mission District, you can experience good music, good people and good times for a good cause at the benefit concert for our friends at Connect the Dots. See details here.

Connect the Dots conducts outreach and works with the nonprofit community to reduce their environmental footprint so they can focus on their social missions. Their programs help non-profits deal with waste management, energy and utilities, and purchasing policies so they can function more sustainably.

If you’re looking to green your non-profit, or have some extra cash to support a wonderful program that’s helping an underserved community in tough times, Sustainable Swag urges you to make the connection with Connect the Dots.