Thursday, February 5, 2009

TED Conference 2009 Swag Bag

This year the annual TED Conference celebrated its 25th Anniversary, and it featured one of the coolest and greenest swag bags of 2009.

An acronym for Technology, Entertainment, Design — TED is an annual conference attended by many of the world's leading scientists, academics and business leaders. The agenda is a series of talks, during which big thinkers discuss big ideas. They also have an outstanding website:

TED attracts the "It" crowd of Silicon Valley, as well as Nobel Laureats, politicians, design gurus, writers and rock stars. What these heavy hitters receive when they arrive is a killer conference swag bag filled with goodies. We're not talking about a tote to house logo'd frisbees, hats, or blinking plastic stuff. TED's giveaways includes items like cutting edge tech gear, thoughtful books and DVDs, valuable coupons, and high end messenger bags. TED's swag bag is a way for companies to get their goods and services in the hands of some of the most influential and socially responsible power brokers in the world.

This year's TED Bags (see above) were designed just up the street by our friends at San Francisco's Rickshaw Bagworks. Rickshaw made 1600 bags in 800 color combinations for this year's event. The bags were made of a recycled soda bottle textile. Inside each bag were the following gifts:

•Skype headset
•Long sleeve black organic T-shirt, outdoor jacket, luxury eco towel
•Stuffed Panda Bear
•Various thoughtful earth-themed books and DVDs
•High end notepads and padfolios
•Stainless water bottle with carrying case
•Exclusive TED Gift Guide filled with valuable coupons
•Coupon for a Steelcase chair
•Gift certificate for eco-friendly Shoes
•Organic soap
•Pens, breath mints, and other assorted goodies

Especially in today's economic climate TED's giveaway bag may be a bit over-the-top for most conference planners, but if you're looking to put together a cool, memorable and responsible swag bag for your next conference, we humbly suggest you contact the sustainable swag experts at eco imprints.