Thursday, February 26, 2009

'Beam In' Your Next Keynote: Green Event Technology!

Much to the surprise of many attendees, during last week's 2009 Greening Hospitality Industry Conference in Pittsburgh, keynote speaker L. Hunter Lovins was presented via live interactive video technology, rather than live and "in person".

The virtual keynote of this acclaimed author, educator and sustainability consultant saved conference planners travel costs and lowered the event's carbon footprint. It also nicely reflected the mission of the event — how to green conferences.

We've also seen this live video technology successfully deployed during a roundtable discussion that "beamed in" European business leaders at last year's Sustainable Brands Conference in Monterey.

The technology has improved a lot in just the last few years ago. We believe live interactive video feeds will be a more viable and smart event greening solution as tighter budgets and lowered carbon impact goals continue to challenge event planners.

Read more about Hunter Lovins' virtual keynote here.