Saturday, September 20, 2008

Coastal Clean Up Day 2008

My kids and I had a fun adventure today. We climbed down a steep bluff overlooking a secluded patch of Marin coastline to participate in the 23rd Annual Coastal Clean Up Day.

We joined an estimated 55,000-plus volunteers statewide who collected 742,154 pounds of debris, according to early reports. Of that, organizers say 106,500 pounds were recyclable.

Weston, Sofia and I found lots of interesting stuff — mostly plastic, but some metal objects, wood debris, and even clothing. We filled several bags with junk. Lots of cigarette butts, plastic water bottles, plastic bags, bottle caps, disposable lighters, and food wrappers.

In terms of UNSUSTAINABLE SWAG, we found several custom branded disposable cigarette lighters, 2 weathered baseball caps, and several pens with logos on them. The oddest thing we found was a pair of men's briefs. Must be a story there. My kids found them very amusing.

Sadly, over the course of several hours of combing the beach, we counted 24 dead birds in various states of decay. This may or may not have to do with the way we're treating their habitat and our environment, but it was troubling to see.

Above is a photo our young crew next to one of the cool posters used to promote the event. Also backside of the T-shirts given to volunteers. Too bad they weren't organic. Next year we need to hook up the organizers up with eco imprints.