Wednesday, September 10, 2008

100 Million Reasons Not To Use Junk Mail!

Direct mail can be an effective form of advertising and promotion, but as marketers it's time we consider not only how annoying unwanted mail solicitations can be — but the impact this practice has on our planet.

According to a recent report by ForestEthics — the nonprofit whose mission is to protect endangered forests — more than 100 BILLION pieces of junk mail are delivered in the U.S. each year. This creates more than 51 million metric tons of greenhouse gases — the emissions equivalent of over nine million cars! 

The report notes that 100 million trees are cut each year to generate junk mail. 

That's 100 million reasons to rethink your direct marketing campaign.

Along with the junk mail report the ForestEthics group stressed the importance of their campaign and petition for a Do Not Mail Registry “to give Americans the choice to stop receiving junk mail.”

At our partner firm, eco imprints, we work with clients to create promotional strategies that don't involve junk mail or excessive use of materials that are wasteful. All of our own marketing is done digitally, through SPAM-free email blasts to responsible organizations who want our information. When mailing needs to be done, we make sure it's going to people who want it, and we use high content recycled materials.

Rethink direct mail marketing. The planet will thank you and your brand's reputation will benefit.