Monday, July 21, 2008

Web Tool Gauges Environmental Impacts of Your Events

There's not doubt about it. Conventions, meetings and events can exact a heavy toll on our planet. The $107 billion meeting industry serves 136.5 million people attending 1.2 million events annually, according to a recent report.

Now, your company can measure the environmental impact of its events through an online service called the MeetGreen Calculator.

This subscription-based web tool allows anyone to measure their meeting practices against green best practices. MeetGreen Calculator will give the user help in meeting these green standards. Examples include enabling attendees walk or use mass transit, buying food locally and donating left-overs to local food banks, using reusable cups and large-capacity water pitchers rather than individual water bottles.

The results can lead to cost reduction, waste reduction, benefits to local communities and the environment — and good vibes for your organization. The MeetGreen Calculator was recently used at the World Urban Forum. Ginny Stratton of Globe Foundation of Canada said: “We're ecstatic to know that the practices we employed resulted in the highest possible MeetGreen rating and we hope the results will create a legacy for future organizers of the World Urban Forum.”

Some high-profile organizations that have used the MeetGreen Calculator include the Sierra Club, US Green Building Council, Globe Foundation of Canada and the Business for Social Responsibility.

If you produce or manage events and are looking for ways to green them, this MeetGreen Calculator could be a good place to start.