Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shop Locally and Buy Organic

We love working in San Francisco, but we're blessed to live on a small farm in rural West Marin county, surrounded by open space, organic greens, and highly creative people who have pioneered sustainable living and agriculture. Chez Panisse, the original "California Cuisine" restaurant in Berkeley, gets many of its seasonal organic vegetables within a tomatoes throw of our house.

This wonderful natural setting has nothing to do with promotional marketing, but it has everything to do with the way we approach our business and advise our clients.

We designed a logo and label for our neighbor's 10-acre organic family farm operation, Gospel Flat Farms. The design was inspired by an image we've seen repeatedly over the years — patriarch farmer Don Murch driving his tractor through bucolic fields of green. Gospel Flat Farms used to sell most of its organic vegetables and flowers to urban restaurants and farmer's markets. But last year they built a wonderful old-timey farm stand so neighbors can buy direct. It's a great resource for our community and much of the food they produce now stays very local.

Click HERE to see video of celebrity chef, Tyler Florence, on a tour of Gospel Flat Farms led by Don's amazingly talented son, Mickey.

Organic food tastes better and is nicer to the earth. We have our own organic garden, and raise chickens for eggs. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a farmstand across the street, but we can all choose to purchase food items grown or produced within 100 miles us. It's not only fresher and better tasting, but it helps reduce the amount of energy and materials needed for transport and packaging.

You can support small-scale agriculture like that of Gospel Flat Farms by shopping at your friendly neighborhood farmers’ market. Or, escape urban life, take a trip out to the country and buy direct from the farm stand.