Thursday, June 26, 2008

Google Store Goes Green

Google is not just the most popular web service on the planet. The company also has a strong environmental and social ethic which now extends to its corporate merchandising program.

While many brands continue to put their logos on toxic merchandise that eventually ends up languishing in landfills, Google's merch store has gone green. You can shop there for everything from stylish flash drives made of recycled plastic to a hemp travel organizer to the organic cotton Blogger beanie pictured above. To make your geek paraphernalia shopping even more guilt-free, Google currently offers free shipping throughout most of the U.S.!

Google's visionary business strategies and success is well documented, and the company has been recognized multiple times by Fortune Magazine as America's #1 place to work. The Google Store is a wonderful example of aligning your corporate values with your corporate merchandising program and using quality sustainable merchandise to build positive brand equity. We can help you get there. Contact us through eco imprints if you'd like to create your own custom-branded line of sustainable swag.