Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch Video

Here is a sobering NBC News story about 7 million tons of plastic debris floating in the Pacific Ocean, creating a garbage patch twice the size of Texas. We've read other reports of a toxic soup of plastics below the surface of the Pacific twice the size of the entire continental United States.

We generally try to avoid environmental sensationalism and unsubstantiated eco warnings, but it's clear that our current consumption patterns and many of our industrial (and promotional) practices are doing serious harm to our planet. Past posts here have documented plastics we've found washed up on the beaches of Northern California. This mainstream media report is well researched and visually powerful.

Not only does plastic trash pose serious risks to marine life and sea birds but our filth-filled waters threaten human health as well. The good news is more people are waking up to these facts, and there are a growing number of more responsible alternatives to plastics, excess packaging and cheap disposable goods.