Saturday, April 5, 2008

Temporary Tattoos Help Turn Aussie Wine Label Into Hit with Hipsters

When used as a thoughtless giveaway, promo merchandise can be a complete waste of money. However, when integrated into a broader strategic marketing communications plan, swag can can be extremely effective.

The Yellow Tail wine brand is a great example. This Australian label became a best-seller here in the United States within a few years of its launch. Their marketing team used good design and provocative ads to evoke an edgy youthful image. And they tied a cool, inexpensive, low-eco-impact promo to get attention and build the brand: Temporary Tattoos.

Yellow Tail placed promotional temporary tattoos in their New Yorker ads. The tattoo wasn't just a blow-up of their logo. Rather,  it was a sweetly detailed design that hipsters would actually wear . This helped position them as a cool brand in a category that many in their target demographic view as stuffy and snobby.

Temporary tattoos are being used increasingly to build or update brand images. They're a fun and affordable promotion for any message. 

We offer temporary tattoos made with safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic, inks. Temporary tattoos can have a great impact not only on sales volume but also on brand perception and recognition.