Friday, March 14, 2008

Walmart CEO: "We Are Not Green"

It's clear that Walmart has made significant green strides over the past several years. However, during this week's ECO:nomics Conference in Santa Barbara, California, CEO Lee Scott Jr. discussed his company's greening efforts. During his address, Scott covered how the retail giant is trying to reduce its carbon footprint, but he also noted that Walmart has more work to do on the issue. Scott also made it clear that the waste reducing, energy conserving steps taken by Wal-Mart are business decisions.

“We are not green,” he told conference attendees.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Scott spoke about Wal-Mart’s efforts to reduce, cardboard, packaging and the amount of plastic in bottled water. However…

The impetus for the company in doing all this isn’t just to please environmentalists, he said, but more to save money.“ It really is about how you take cost out, which is waste,” he said. The savings by taking out wasted material helps keep prices low for Wal-Mart’s customers, many of whom live paycheck to paycheck. Indeed, Mr. Scott – in remarks to reporters after his talk – said the current economic slump is prodding Wal-Mart even more to undertake its waste-reduction program. “When is a better time?,” he said.