Monday, March 17, 2008

Elite Athletes Creating a "Green Power" Movement

The Sustainability movement has been growing among elite athletes who desire a clean, non-toxic environment in which to compete — and stay healthy. Look for a cool sustainable schwag campaign to make a statement about climate change at the notoriously polluted site of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Tonight our friends at threw a fun, festive and super green St. Paddy's Day extravaganza to advance their mission of building global environmental consciousness through sports at the Beijing Olympics and beyond. Founded by an amazing group of world class athletes and headed by former Stanford soccer star, Natalie Spilger, GreenLaces is non-profit working to establish a unified international presence for sustainability through its website and a growing lineup of supporters. Their plan is to use the iconic power and spirit of great athletes and international competition to promote the importance of a united global fight against climate change.

Exactly 40 years ago the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, African-American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos created an international stir when they raised their gloved fists in a black power salute during their medal ceremony for the 200 meter dash. For the 2008 Olympics, we may see another gesture from athletes uniting around another critical social issue -- global warming.

GreenLaces will be distributing thousands of specially-designed shoe laces made of recycled plastic soda bottles. Athletes and patrons will wear them as a show of support. At the Greenlaces Party at Temple NightClub in San Francisco's SOMA, the most popular way to wear green laces was on the wrist. World class athletes are being recruited to incorporate GreenLaces on their footwear. While perhaps not quite as dramatic as the black power salute, the fashion and promotional possibilities are endless.

We are proud to support and help the Greenlaces cause, and urge you to check our to learn more and join the movement. Whether you're an stellar athlete or a certified couch potato, it's time we all unite and promote Green Power to the people!