Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Peace Symbol

Few graphic icons are as recognizable as the peace symbol. This week is the 50th birthday of the classic mark, which was originally created by an English commercial artist and anti-nuclear activist named Gerald Holtom. There’s also a cool website to commemorate it. Lots of artists have submitted their personal takes on the peace sign. You can find the custom-brandable, biodegradable, 100% organic bamboo compressed mini towels bearing the peace symbol here. Happy birthday, peace!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Eco Umbrellas

The five-day forecast predicts more rain here in San Francisco and climate change seems to keep us all guessing when it's gonna stop. Good time to break out the new Eco Umbrella we just sourced. It's a stylish 48" model with a bamboo shaft and handle and a water-repellent fabric made of 100% recycled PET fabric. The handle has a nice natural feel to it, its lightweight, and has sturdy fiberglass ribs. Good imprint area and affordable. We also have earth friendlier mini umbrellas and golf umbrellas available in black or green, but without the bamboo. And we've sourced some colorful and earthy imported shade umbrellas for summertime.

For info on this product contact us at: Eco Imprints

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Words of Wisdom from Louis Armstrong...

I found this poignant clip of the great Louie Armstrong towards the end of his life introducing -- and then singing -- one of the most beautiful songs ever. It's interesting to get his wisdom on the lyrics of What a Wonderful World, and what they meant to him. Few works of art have better communicated the importance of green leaves and blue skies to humankind. Louis Armstrong was as pure and joyful and authentic as the come. And he sure knew what he was talking about. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Greening of Events & Trade Shows...

Great article by Ilana DeBare in today's San Francisco Chronicle about the waste generated from the convention, meeting and event industry. According to the piece, this $107 billion market serves 136.5 million people attending 1.2 million events annually. While there's no clear data on the environmental toll taken from these gatherings, there's no doubt that the millions of plastic name badges, disposable water bottles, bags, styrofoam and plastic food containers and utensils, and promotional giveaways are producing serious negative impacts on our planet.

Our San Francisco firm, Eco Imprints, was established to provide alternative ways to promote events and brand marketing initiatives without inflicting so much environmental damage . We've been involved with dozens of large and small conferences throughout North America in the last few years -- and toured San Francisco's waste management facilities to document the tons of event materials and cheap plastic giveaways headed to landfills. Statistics are one thing, but it's really quite staggering when you see the waste right before your eyes.

Beyond the grievous environmental impact events and their aftermath can have, as brand communications professionals it goes without saying that the garbage dump is not the place you want to see your logo.

Since last year, we've noticed increasing interest from corporate clients and event planners looking to green their events. Clearly the time has come to re-think promotional and event marketing, and we're pleased that this trend is getting more attention.

Check out this comprehensive article, which includes useful tips on greening your events:

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Grow Your Love on Valentine's Day

Hard to believe cupid is back again. Happy Valentines Day, people! In addition to acknowledging our romantic partners, it's nice to use this occasion to spread a little love to extended family, friends, colleagues, and clients. Custom seeded cards are a nice way to do just that. We have them for many occasions, and can produce them in special sizes and shapes with custom diecuts. When the holiday is over, just plant the card. It biodegrades and blooms wildflowers in the spring. Good for your relationships. Good for the earth.

Info on this product: